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Template letter for after you have switched bank accounts

A template letter/email for those who have switched bank accounts for ethical reasons and want to let their old bank know why they have done this.

Please feel free to adapt the layout and copy below.

Account Number: [account number] [insert address]

Sort Code: [sort code] [insert email]

To [bank name] complaints department,

I have closed my account with [bank name] and have moved my money to a more responsible bank. I also will not be opening a bank account with you until you improve your ethics.

As detailed in Ethical Consumer magazine, you [delete as applicable]:

• Have provided £[amount] to fossil fuel companies since [year], including £[amount] to extreme fossil fuel companies since [year]. [see for figures]

• Have provided £[amount] in financing for the nuclear weapons industry since [year]. [see for figures]

• Continued to hold shares in and / or provide financial services to companies providing private prisons and immigration detention centres in America. [see [… to check whether your bank holds shares in or provides financial services to private prison companies]

I urge you to develop comprehensive and transparent lending and investment policies, committing to more ethical practices.

In particular, considering the irrefutable evidence that our reliance on fossil fuels is neither environmentally nor economically sustainable, I believe that it is extremely irresponsible to continue funding the fossil fuel industry through lending and investments.

Through these investments and services [bank name] facilitates and profits from climate catastrophe. Considering the evidence that we can no longer rely on fossil fuels, such financing and investments are irresponsible use of customer money.

I hope that you will take responsibility for your services and investments in the future.

Yours sincerely,


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