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Writing to your political representatives asking them to increase digital sales taxes during the pandemic

We have drafted a letter below to help people write to their MPs to ask them to support this campaign.

The letter below is designed so that you can:

  1. Copy this onto your own computer.
  2. Search for your MPs contact details in this website.
  3. Paste it into an email to them (you will need to amend it a bit as they do not allow wholly cut and pasted emails).

Dear [MP's name here],

I have become concerned about how post-Covid societies are going to be able to pay for the rebuilding and social programmes that have become necessary.

I have also noticed that big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Apple appear to be thriving economically in the pandemic.

As these are the same companies that have become notorious for their complex tax avoidance arrangements, I am interested in the idea of somehow levying a windfall tax on them to force them to make a fair contribution during this time.

I noticed that Ethical Consumer have recently launched a campaign for a Windfall tax on big technology companies which argues for an increase in the UK’s digital Services Tax rate from 2% to 10%.

I am writing to ask you, as my MP, to support this campaign. If you do not, I would be interested to hear what other ideas you have about how post-Covid economies should balance their budgets and create a fairer society.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name here]

We hope that you find this letter useful.

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