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Extinction Rebellion swarm London Fashion Week

Extinction Rebellion disrupts London Fashion Week with ‘swarm’ roadblocks and meets the British Fashion Council.

Extinction Rebellion, the ever-growing movement using direct action to call on the Government to act on climate change, organised a protest at London Fashion Week which took place in February 2019.

The Extinction Rebellion website quotes a participant in the protest:

“We ask the fashion industry, who do you want to listen to, the youth and the future, or the words of our current Prime Minister whose Government is criminally neglecting the UK’s agreed responsibilities under the Paris agreement in the face of the ecological emergency. Now it is time for the fashion industry to hear the call of the youth.” 

The group also had the opportunity to meet with the British Fashion Council

“Extinction Rebellion met with the British Fashion Council to talk about our swarming and how they might use their platform to transform the fashion industry into a force of cultural change – declaring climate emergency and acting truthfully to that declaration. It’s the beginning of a conversation and we’re grateful that they’ve opened that door to us (and to the future)" - Extinction Rebellion

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