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Prada goes fur-free

Designer brand, Prada, which previously adorned its luxury clothing with fur from animals such as mink and rabbits, has announced that it will be fur-free from September 2020.

This follows a recent trend of designer brands, as well as London Fashion Week, banning the use of real fur. The Guardian reports that this has much to do with changing consumer attitudes towards animal welfare. The Fur Free Alliance also played a significant role in bringing about this change of policy.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals celebrated the news while also calling on Prada to “follow in Chanel’s compassionate footsteps by also removing cruelly obtained exotic skins – including ostrich, crocodile, lizard, and snake skins – from future collections”. The company will still be selling any fur clothing that has already been made.

We will be investigating the ethical, or unethical, practices of designer brands in our next magazine (Issue 180) with a range of product guides focused on clothing.

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