Ecover and Method Boycott

Naturewatch launches boycott of Ecover and Method brands

In December, mainstream eco and cruelty-free brands Ecover and Method were bought by SC Johnson – a US company that openly admits to testing on animals and owns other non Naturewatch-endorsed household cleaning brands such as Duck, Shout, Glade, Pledge and Windex.

April 24 is World Day for Animals in Laboratories. From that date, Naturewatch Foundation will be highlighting the fact that it has revoked its endorsement of Ecover and Method due to their new parent company.

Naturewatch have launched a campaign asking supporters and the general public to contact Ecover and Method, expressing their disappointment and pledging to no longer buy their products until SC Johnson is cruelty-free.

Caroline Ruane, Naturewatch Foundation CEO, says:

It's hugely disappointing to compassionate shoppers when favourite brands compromise their cruelty free credentials by selling out to multinationals that continue to benefit from animal testing. We sincerely hope that Ecover and Method will stand up for animals by using their new position of influence to convince SC Johnson that the way ahead is cruelty free.

Twelve years ago, L’Oréal infamously acquired The Body Shop. The cruelty-free subsidiary and the cruel parent company proclaimed they shared hope for a cruelty-free world. But L’Oréal products continued to be routinely tested on animals, and The Body Shop’s reputation - and profits - plummeted.

Will the same story play out for Ecover and Method? Or will they be the ones who can convince a parent company to change its ways and end animal testing?

Naturewatch Foundation is calling on Ecover and Method to use their new position of influence with SC Johnson to convince them to stop all commissioning or conducting of animal tests across their entire range of products. 

Until then, Naturewatch is asking compassionate consumers to boycott all SC Johnson brands, including Ecover and Method, until the entire company is cruelty-free.

Supporters will be able to take action here.

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