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Top 5 ethical online retailers

Our research shows that these are the five of the most ethical online shops in the UK. These online retailers are putting in the work to make it possible to shop ethically and sustainably online.

Products sold on these websites meet a range of ethical criteria that relate to sustainability, workers’ rights and animal rights.

For the full list and more online retailers, see our guide to ethical online retailers.

Ethical score: 14.5/20

Product range: Includes clothing, food and drink, health and beauty, home and leisure.

Veo describes itself as an earth-friendly marketplace. It also says that it’s intended to meet the needs of consumers who care about the origins of the products they purchase, and to showcase and celebrate brands that “tick all the boxes for ethics and sustainability”.

It received Ethical Consumer’s best ratings in key categories including Environmental Reporting, Supply Chain Management, and Animal Rights.

It’s also a 100% vegan company.

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Shared Earth

Ethical score: 14/20

Product range: Includes gifts, home furnishings, soaps and shampoos, jewellery, accessories, bags and ornaments.

Shared Earth began as a small shop in York, but now has a large online shop. It specialises in Fair Trade products, and recycled, eco-friendly and ethical products.

Shared Earth received our best rating for Environmental Reporting, Climate Change, Habitat and Resources, and Supply Chain Management.

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Ethical Score: 14/20

Product range: Fashion and clothing, beauty, jewellery, toiletries, homewares, furniture, gifts.

Wearth partners with over 250 independent UK brands, specialising in retail of eco-friendly and ethical products.

A useful feature of the Wearth online shop is that you can search by values. For example, you can filter products to find ones that are plastic free, made in the UK, vegan friendly, or organic.

Wearth received our best ratings for Environmental Reporting, Animal Testing and Habitat and Resources and is a completely vegan company.

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Green Stationery

Ethical score: 13.5/20

Product range: Stationery, office products, paper, cleaning products, toilet paper, and some tea and coffee.

The Green Stationery Company describes itself as "the UK’s original recycled paper & green office supplier".

It sells a large range of recycled office papers and card available in different colours and also some from unusual fibres with flecks and textures. It also sells recycled packaging materials.

It received our best ratings for Environmental Reporting and Climate Change.

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Ethical Shop

Ethical score: 13.5

Product range: Includes books, music, clothing, food, gifts, home.

The Ethical Shop is owned and managed by New Internationalist, and all profits support the magazine. It retails products that meet a range of ethical standards, including vegan, eco-friendly, Fair Trade, Organic, recycled and locally sourced products.

Ethical Shop received our best rating for Supply Chain Management and Environmental Reporting. An extra selling point is that by shopping there you’re supporting a multi-stakeholder co-operative.

According to the company website, New Internationalist is co-owned by its workers and over 4,600 investors.

Ethical Shop is therefore a good choice if you want to support workers’ rights.

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