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We have called a boycott of Amazon over its outrageous tax avoidance.

In 2017, Amazon’s UK tax bill has fallen to just £4.6 million, despite pre-tax profits in the country almost tripling to £72.3 million. Amazon has also been ordered by the EU to repay £222 million to Luxembourg after the country allowed it illegal state aid that meant that it paid four times less tax than local rivals.

More recently, the company opened a bidding war for its second head quarters in North America, which encouraged companies to offer tax breaks as an incentive to bring business there. 73 civic leaders wrote to Amazon asking that it voluntarily pays a fair share of tax in whatever city it eventually chooses:

You have your list of things you’re looking for from cities – but we live in these cities, and we’ve got some expectations of our own for Amazon. What you’re looking for will impact every part of our cities. We built these cities, and we want to make sure they remain ours.

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