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Ethical Consumer has called for a boycott of Amazon over its outrageous tax avoidance since 2012. And tax isn’t the only reason for the boycott call – Amazon’s poor record when it comes to workers’ rights and environmental impacts are also reasons for the boycott.

In September 2021, Amazon – which has a market value of £1.5 trillion – released its tax figures for the previous year. Its key arm in the UK, Amazon UK Services, paid just £3.8 million more in corporation tax than in 2019 despite sales rising by £1.9 billion. Profits increased to £128 million.

Amazon has also come to dominate many online markets globally. Amazon’s monopoly supports staggering inequalities: between March and September 2020, at a time when most businesses were struggling, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw his personal wealth increase so much that he could have given all 876,000 Amazon employees a bonus of $105,000 and be as wealthy as he was pre-pandemic.

You can use your spending power to send Amazon a clear message.

Read more about Ethical Consumer’s boycott of Amazon on our detailed page.

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