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Podcast — Episode 5: We need to stop buying new clothes!

In this episode we investigate fashion, getting down to the facts to find out whether we need to boycott the industry completely.

We speak to Bel Jacobs, Fashion Editor of the Metro turned XR Boycott Fashion activist (pictured above), our fashion expert Ruth Strange, and Eva Engelen from the revolutionary ethical clothing brand MUD Jeans.

This episode was produced by Sophie Billington and edited by Tom Bryson. The featured image shows Bel Jacobs marching with XR Fashion Boycott in protest of Autumn Fashion Week. Photo by Leo Bordelle.

Joanna Long, a writer and researcher at Ethical Consumer presents the Ethical Consumer podcast. Here is what she had to say about our latest episode:

"Clothing has come to be associated with sweatshop labour and in recent years people have started to talk about fast fashion. But what's fast about fast fashion, and what's the nature of the workers right allegations going on? Also, what other impacts does fashion have on our planet?

In this episode we dig deep to find the answers to these questions and look at how we solve the issues. Are we looking at a world where the clothing industry has a future, or is the bottom line simply that we must stop buying clothes?"

Find out more about the issues that we discussed in our podcast on fashion:

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