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How the Best Buy Label can benefit your business

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The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label is only awarded to those products and services whose environmental and ethical record warrant it.

Our endorsement is from an established and trusted name within the ethical community. It can help you to communicate the core environmental and ethical values that your product represents.

As the dramatic growth of the ethical sector continues, the Best Buy Label can make a valuable addition to the strategic marketing and positioning of your product or service within an increasingly competitive market.

Ethical Consumer is now licensing the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label as a trademark which companies can purchase on an annual basis to promote their products and services.

The 'butterfly' label can be used on packaging, websites and all other marketing and promotional material.

Here's what some of the companies who've signed up to the scheme are saying about the benefits of the Best Buy Label. We've also included examples of how are these companies are now using the Best Buy Label to communicate their ethical values.  

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"We signed up to the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label scheme because we value its independence. As our ethical credentials are a cornerstone of our brand and mission, the Best Buy Label is an important testimonial to make current and future members of the Society aware of when considering our products."
Jon Lee, Product Development Manager, Ecology Building Society

"The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label is integral to our marketing approach. As an invitation-only scheme you can't buy the accreditation which is vital for gaining credibility with the ‘savvy’ customers who our products appeal to. In these days of ‘green washing’ and unsubstantiated claims, Ethical Consumer's unique ethical scoring system provides an authoritative and impartial benchmark for consumers who want to get the full picture."
Mark Fenn, Marketing Manager, Faith in Nature

"The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label is fantastic as it provides a reliable, independent and rigorous standard ensuring only the greenest, ethical and most environmentally friendly products are recognised. Our industry is riddled with consumer confusion so having a scheme that identifies which products are genuinely ethical is tremendously important as it provides customers with peace of mind, allowing them to make an assured purchase. "
Martin Saunders, Head of Marketing, Good Energy

"We like to communicate the values that we work hard to maintain and which are so important to us. We don't always have, and can't always afford, a lot of space to describe what we do and how we go about it. The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label which we put on our boxes and tubes helps us to tell our customers that we genuinely care."
Richard Austin, Managing Director, Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste

"Suma are proud to have a very strong ethical policy relating to products, people and trading methods. As a trusted mark within the ethical market place the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label is ideal for us to use to market our business and products with honesty and openness to consumers who wish to be ethically certain in an increasingly competitive market."
Rob Sherwell, Suma

Find out more in our helpful Best Buy Label document >

For more details or to apply contact Simon Birch on 0161 226 2929 or email him via our Contact Us page.


The Best Buy brands

The following companies have been awarded the Best Buy Label for supplying genuinely ethical products:


Clothing & Shoes

Brothers We Stand

Online retailer selling ethical and sustainable menswear
Product Guide: Alternative Clothes Shops

Cock & Bull Menswear

A small UK independent clothing label producing ethical and sustainable menswear.
Product Guide: Alternative Clothes Shops 


Online retailer for organic and ethically produced clothing. 
Product Guide: Alternative Clothes Shops

Eco Vegan Shoes

One of Europe's leading providers of 100% vegan footwear.
Product Guides: Shoes

Ethical Wares

Cruelty-free footware and clothing mail order company. 

Product Guides: ShoesWalking Boots


A pioneering ethical fashion brand which only uses organic and sustainable materials.

Product Guides: Alternative Clothes Shops


Manufacturer of high performance outdoor clothing that is ethically sourced. 

Product Guides: Waterproof JacketsFleeces




As the UK's first not-for-profit gas and electricity provider, Ebico structures its pricing so as not to penalise low income households.

Product Guides: Gas & Electricity

Good Energy

Advocating green energy by enabling homes and businesses to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change. 

Product Guides: Gas SuppliersGas & Electricity


Ethical Online Retailers

Ethical Shop 

New Internationalist's shopping site which helps charities and campaign groups raise money by selling ethical gifts and household goods.

Product Guide: Ethical Online Retailers

Veo World

Ethical Online Retailer

A marketplace for consumers who care about the origins of the products they purchase, and a home for unique independent brands who create high-quality sustainable products.

Feature: Q&A: Veo World

Food & Drink

Benevo Pet Food 

Independent producer of cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan pet food. 
Product Guides: Dog Food

Essential Trading

Organic and Fairtrade wholesaler who distribute sustainable, ecological and cruelty free products. 

Product Guides: Cooking OilToilet PaperRiceBaked Beans

Fry Group Foods

Family business that produce a variety of different protein alternatives to meat. 

Product Guide: Vegetarian burgers and sausages

Lucy Bee

Supplier of ethically-sourced organic and Fairtrade coconut oil and coconut milk
Product Guides: Coconut Oil, Soya and non-dairy milk

Qi Teas

Award-winning fairtrade and organic teas supplied by Herbal Health Ltd, a small independent company who trade directly with their farmers.
Product Guide: Tea

Revolver World

Fairtrade and organic coffees
Product Guide: Ground Coffee

Suma Wholefoods

Uk's largest workers' cooperative and wholesalers of Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian and specialist foods.

Product Guides: BeerGround CoffeeDog FoodFruit JuiceHousehold CleanersLaundry DetergentWashing PowderRiceShampooSpreadsSoapToilet CleanerToilet PaperCooking Oil


By promoting their fair trade and organically produced food, Zaytoun supports farming communities in Palestine. 
Product Guide: Olive Oil


Health & Beauty

Conscious Skincare

A skincare range which makes natural and organic skin care.

Product Guides: Skincare, Shaving Gel & Foam, Shower Gel, Soap, Shampoo

Faith in Nature

Sustainable and ecological cosmetics and toiletries. 

Product Guides: ShampooDishwasher DetergentLaundry DetergentShower Gel, Soap BarsWashing Up LiquidSkincareDeodorant

Friendly Soap

Handmade soap that's vegan and animal-friendly and because it doesn't use any palm oil it's also good news for orangutans. 
Product Guides: Soap Bars

Green People

Natural and organic beauty products. 

Product Guides: Make UpDeodorantSkincareShampooToothpasteSunscreenShower Gel

Kingfisher Toothpaste

Produces natural toothpaste which contains no artificial sweetners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives. 

Product Guide: Toothpaste

Kings Vegan Grooming

Kings is an ethical aftershave and grooming brand with a mission – “to empower men to live healthier and happier lives”.

Product Guide: Perfume & Aftershave

Lucy Bee

Supplier of ethically-sourced organic, cruelty-free and fair trade coconut soap
Product Guides: Soap


Original silicone menstrual cap which is the healthy alternative to tampons and pads. 

Product Guide: Sanitary Protection

Neal's Yard Remedies

One of the UK's leading retailers of organic natural health and beauty products. 
Product Guide: Skincare productsperfume & aftershavemake upsunscreen, shower gel


Home & Garden


Bio-D produces eco-friendly household cleaning products. All products are from sustainable, naturally-derived raw materials and are free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, enzymes and synthetic perfumes. 

Product Guides: Household CleanersDishwasher DetergentWashing PowderLaundry DetergentToilet Cleaner

Spotlight: Company Q&A


Organic and vegan household cleaning products. 

Product Guides: Household CleanersLaundry DetergentWashing PowderToilet Cleaner



Ecology Building Society

Building a greener society through sustainable mortgages, ethical savings, affordable housing and mutuals. 

Product Guides: Ethical MortgagesSavings AccountsCash ISAs

Charity Bank

An ethical bank that uses its savers' money to lend to charities and social enterprises.

Product Guides: Carbon DivestmentCash ISAs, Savings Accounts

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank is one of the world's leading sustainable banks, and one of the most ethical companies that Ethical Consumer ranks and rates in its product guides. Its mission is “to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.”

Product Guides: Carbon Divestment, Ethical Investment Funds, Current Accounts, Current Accounts for Small Businesses and Charities, Cash ISAs, Savings Accounts, Innovative Finance ISAs

Phone and Broadband

Green ISP

Not-for-profit Internet Services Provider (IPS) with sustainability at the heart of their business model. 

Product Guide: Broadband


An ethical Internet Service Provider that has been in business since 1986. 
Product Guides: Email ProvidersBroadbandMobile Networks

The Phone Coop

The ethical phone, broadband and mobile provider which is owned by its customers. 

Product Guides:  Mobile Phone NetworkBroadband