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Extinction Rebellion turns Siemens into a climate crime scene

Extinction Rebellion UK members turned Siemens’ London office into a ‘crime scene’ on the 16 January, following its decision to continue providing railway signalling services to the Adani coal mine in Queensland, Australia.

Wearing forensic suits and red gloves, ‘police officers’ created a ‘police cordon’ around the entrance to the building while ‘victims’ dressed in black lay on the ground. A banner was dropped from a window in the building saying ‘Climate Change Kills Children’ while another bore the words ‘Siemens = Climate Criminals’.

The controversial Adani development has the potential to produce enough coal to cause more than 705 million tonnes of C02 to be emitted each year – about 1.3 times Australia’s total current emissions.

So far 57 companies have withdrawn bids or refused to work on the mine.

In response to widespread criticism from the ‘Stop Adani’ campaign and the Fridays for Future youth movement

Siemens CEO Joe Kaesner responded:

"While I do have a lot of empathy for environmental matters, I do need to balance the different interests of different stakeholders, as long as they have lawful legitimation for what they do.”

This comment was, ironically, made whilst Australian fires continued to burn, causing what scientists are describing as an ecosystem and species apocalypse in Australia.

To support the #StopAdani campaign visit their website.

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