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Top 5 ethical companies and brands

The companies listed below are five of the highest ranking and most ethical companies across our product guides. 

All five companies score well across our ratings system, gaining product sustainability marks for using fairtrade and organic accreditation schemes. (Read more about our rating system)

Before we introduce you to five top companies, here's a video with an overview of 5 things which make a company ethical.

What makes a company ethical?

Plamil Foods


Ethical score: 18/20

Company type: Vegan chocolate manufacturer

Why buy from them:  

Plamil is a vegan company with a long history of producing more sustainable foods. For example its palm oil is sourced from organic sources, the company only uses renewable energy and much of its chocolate is both Fairtrade and organic as well as vegan.

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

lucy Bee coconut oil

Ethical Score: 18/20

Company type: Organic Coconut and food brand

Why buy from them:

Lucy Bee is one of the most ethical companies around. All Lucy Bee's products are organic and Fairtrade certified where possible. Additionally some of its products are also certified by the Vegan Society.

The Raw Chocolate Co.

raw chocolate

Ethical Score: 18/20

Company type: Raw food retailer

Why shop from them:

The Raw Chocolate company is another vegan company. It produces chocolate that is independently accredited by the Soil Association (organic) and the Vegan Society.


Scheckter Energy Drinks


Ethical Score: 18/20

Company type: Energy Drinks manufacturer

Why shop from them:

Scheckter make organic energy drinks. All of their products are certified organic, fair trade and are suitable for vegetarians.

Seed & Bean

seed and bean

Ethical Score: 18/20

Company type: Organic, Fairtrade Chocolate

Why shop from them:

Seed and Bean only manufacture chocolate that is organic and Fairtrade. Their products are also free from any palm oil.

Most Ethical Companies: Readers' vote

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration ethical consumer asked its readers to vote for who they thought the most ethical companies of the last 25 years had been.

The winner was the Co-operative Group followed by Lush and Traidcraft*.

Over the last 25 years the Co-operative Group has been at the forefront of the ethical consumer movement, for instance it has taken a pioneering stance towards fairtrade becoming the first retailer to only stock fairtrade bananas. In 2012 it also stopped sourcing any products from the occupied territories.

Readers' top ten ethical brands of the last 25 years are:

2023 - Traidcraft is now sadly no longer in operation.

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