Top 10 Ethical Christmas Gifts with a Twist 

Gifts that are created with love and thought, gifts to combat consumerism and save the planet, gifts to spread the word about an ethical lifestyle and gifts that will probably save you quite a bit of money too. It’s the Ethical Consumer Top Ten Alternative Christmas Gifts Guide.

It’s that time of the year again. December will see millions of people hit the shops at the same time, to find that perfect present for their friends and families. As you sit down to write lists and agonise over what to buy your loved ones, who probably have everything they need already, we suggest a fresh way to look at Christmas gifts.

1. The gift of creativity 

If you have a creative streak, why not make your own gifts this year? Biscuits, soaps and candles are easy and fun to make and there are thousands of recipes and ideas online. You have complete control over the ingredients, so you can choose Fair Trade, organic and natural products. 

Image: christmas biscuits

Make sure you use recycled packaging, such as old jam jars and used gift wrap to make your gifts as sustainable as possible. This is a great activity to do with children, so get them involved in making the perfect thoughtful gift for grandparents. 

2. Gift an experience

Why not gift an experience that you can do together: tickets to a show, an afternoon tea or perhaps annual membership to an association such as the Woodland Trust?

Image: Woodland Trust
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The experience can also be free, perhaps a promised walk in the forest or a pledge to visit a gallery or exhibition together. This gift lasts beyond the Christmas period too.

3. The gift of less

If you have a large family or have fallen into the habit of buying for a large group of friends, why not suggest a Secret Santa approach. Pop names in a hat and draw one each, promising to buy just that one present rather than for everyone in the group.

Image: christmas gifts

You can even increase the buying budget whilst still saving money. There are loads of good apps online for drawing the names secretly and you can anonymously add present ideas to ensure that everyone gets something that they need. 

4. The gift that gives again

Many charities now offer gift vouchers. Oxfam offers a wonderful range starting from just £5, including safe water for 10 people, warm clothes for refugees and even a pile of poo to help a family grow food. But you can be as creative as you like.

Image: oxfam unwrapped
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Why not buy a Friends of the Earth bee kit for a friend to help save bees in 2018, or provide a package of food for your local food bank?

5. The gift of a good read

Books are wonderful gifts for adults and children alike, but instead of buying new why not shop for a good second-hand or even vintage read? Check out Better World Books that sells new and used books online and donates a portion of profits to charity, or* who donates a portion of its sales to local independent bookstores. is our best buy for e-books, where you can buy gift vouchers and give recommendations.

Image: books
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Magazine subscriptions are another great gift, check out Positive News for an empowering read. Many subscriptions now come with online-only options too to cut down on paper use, including Ethical Consumer’s magazine gift subscription.

6. Gift of help 

In this hectic culture that we live in, having help can be far more valuable than any gift. To the stressed-out mum with a new baby, offer a babysitting voucher and give her the night off. To an elderly friend, offer gardening or DIY.

Image: gardening

Offer your car and a strong pair of hands if someone is planning to move house in the New Year. You’d be surprised how helpful you can be and how much your loved ones will welcome this kind of gift.

7. Repurposed gifts

We’ve all had them. That well-intentioned gift that we know we won’t use: the jumper that doesn’t fit, the book you’ve already read, the perfume that isn’t your style. Save these presents and give them away next year, being careful to remember the original gifter of course!

Image: re-purposed gifts
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This is a great idea for recycling children’s presents when they have a constant stream of birthday parties requiring gifts. 

8. New, but ethical, gifts

If we haven’t persuaded you to ditch the new gifts entirely, make sure that you buy ethically. Rather than do a one-stop-shop on Amazon, browse ethical alternatives. See our gift guide for ideas. You’ll find hundreds of reports on every gift idea in our product guides, including ethical online retailers such as Ethical Shop* and Global Seesaw.

online shopping

Before you buy on the high street, check out our guides, and if the retailer is ranking poorly, vow to look for an alternative.

9. Ethically wrapped gifts

It’s not just what’s inside that counts. Make a promise this year to cut down on wasteful wrapping paper. Lots of wrapping paper can’t be recycled, especially if it includes foil, plastic or glitter decoration. Why not wrap your presents in old newspaper, old packaging or magazines?

Image: newspapers
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And to save even more trees, cut down on the number of Christmas cards you send this year. Arrange to meet friends for a Christmas coffee and wish them happy Christmas in person, or send an e-card or email with a personalised Christmas message. Use the money you’ll save on cards and postage to do good through a charity donation. 

10. Just say no thank you

This can be a tricky one, but if you feel like you have everything you need be brave enough to say no to presents this year. Ask for a donation to your favourite charity or put some of our other alternatives on your wish list. 

Image: no presents
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Above all, spend time with your friends and family, especially those who might feel alone this Christmas. Time really is the best gift that anyone can receive.