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Podcast — Episode 4: Should we leave supermarkets at the checkout?

In this episode we check out on supermarkets, look at whether their immense power makes them unethical, and explore the alternatives.

We speak to Ethical Consumer researcher and supermarkets specialist Anna Clayton, Vicki Hird from Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming and Debbie and Kelly from Unicorn Grocery, a co-operative and Ethical Consumer Best Buy based in Manchester.

This episode was produced by Sophie Billington and edited by Tom Bryson.

Joanna Long, a writer and researcher at Ethical Consumer presents the Ethical Consumer podcast. Here is what she had to say about our latest episode:

"Like it or not, supermarkets are part of most people's everyday lives and their size means that they regularly make headlines, be it price wars, mergers, horse meat, plastic. As ever though, sensational stories don't give you the whole picture and especially not when it comes to companies as large and complex as supermarkets. A headline about plastic-free fruit and veg won't necessarily call into question how supermarket supply chains fundamentally rely on plastic and will often miss the bigger point about the disproportionate power this handful of companies have over our entire food system.

In this episode we look beyond the headlines, both good and bad, to address the deeper issues in supermarket industry and to let you know where you can find the companies and organisations that are trying to make things better."

Find out more about the issues that we discussed in our supermarket guide and related features:

In our next podcast, we will be diving into the heart of fast fashion to explore the issues found there. Send us your questions about fast fashion at and we'll aim to answer them in our next episode.


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